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A tool created to help you Manage your Profile or your Business. It’s very simple and FREE!

Do everything with just one link

Create shortened URLs, unique bio pages and get proper analytics of your visitors.

Keep track of statistics

In order to obtain extremely necessary data and insights, we have an integration with the Pixel of Facebook and Google Analytics.


All The Features You Will Ever Need.

Music and Video Players

Embed videos, Spotify music/playlists, Twitch streams, and more directly on your page. Any other services that support embed players can be added with Custom HTML option.

Responsive Multi Device

Our user-friendly drag and drop interface will work on your all devices including your mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. You will be able to check and edit your page anytime.

Detailed Statistics

See stats of your fans. Where are they from, where do they come from, devices they use, browser and languages. If you need more track your page with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Multi or Custom Domain

You are not stuck in using one of our brand domains. You can choose from different shorter domains OR use your own domain to hose your page.

SEO Option

Choose your own Page Title and Meta Tags for SEO indexing. Or we even have option your page not to be indexed by SEOs if you want.


Let's say you will release a new single in 15 days and you can schedule this in your lander and don't worry about it, with Eita Link you can do this.

Choose your plan

Choose and get your plan based on your needs.





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